Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deep Loathing in Cascadia

Matt Yglesias posts this interesting chart showing that in Oregon and Washington (see upper left corner), the Democratic-leaning voters are very liberal and the Republican-leaning voters are very conservative.

Basically, we hate each other out here. In comparison with other states, we are very polarized, and it has a much-discussed geographical correlate: the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas are dominated by filthy left-liberal hippies such as myself, and the remainder of the territory might as well be the Idaho panhandle, if not the Oklahoma or Texas panhandles, crammed as it is with rabid-right gun-toting churchies. That's arguably an oversimplification, but stereotypes are real time savers.

One thing we share from one end of Cascadia to the other: crystal meth. We do love the meth out here. (Present company definitely excluded.)


Domestically Challenged said...

Gotta love our dear state! We need less meth and more pot though. I mean, really.

Dale said...

DC, agreed! Meth is truly scary.