Sunday, October 5, 2008

Everything and Nothing Converge

Via Andrew Sullivan, here's Tony Woodlief huffing and puffing:

Pondering the nature of God is essential, but it should be done with fear and trembling. We Westerners are trapped in a legalistic, contractual mindset. Many of those who led us here were hardhearted men in rebellion against Rome, yet enslaved to its juridical mentality. What can we claim to know about God, 2000 years after his Incarnation, having rejected 1500 years worth of experience and tradition, along with practically every insight taught by those who sat at the feet of the Apostles? What can we say about God? What dare we say about God?

God is love. God is a father, and a son, and a whispering ghost. God struck down nearly all of humanity in a killing flood. God nursed at the breast of a woman who freely chose to be grieved. God wept for the dead. God climbed unto a cross for his children. God is a consuming fire who will come again in power and glory and majesty.
God is this, god is that, god is Saturn's rings, god is the gleam on a penny left in the back seat of a '71 Camaro in a Kansas trailer park upon a sunlit summer morn, god was there at the first Maude broadcast, and so on ad infinitum: god is a loosely defined phantasm about which it's impossible to say anything.

What a convenient riposte for believers: "No, your 500 pages of unreadable theology isn't quite adequate to the god I have in mind."

Thousands of years of god-addled fawning, musing and speculation have yielded nothing. To continue it would be to fulfill the definition of insanity.


Buddha said...

You are confusing God with religion and church and religion and church with God.
Although all religions proclaim to represent God, God has no religion.
So you see 2000 years of Christianity or 2600 years of Buddhism mean absolutely nothing.
God is an experience, the now of your relationship with God. Everything else is BS.

Ezekiel said...

or, you know, god could just, like, not exist?

I mean, I guess, maybe god is like, a shared (but not shared enough to have anything similar across geographic locales) delusion that people the world over have been engaging in since everyone tried to figure out why the sky was so loud when it rained. Hmm?

Yeah, or god's, like, just the "now of your relationship with god"

Didn't your mama ever teach you not to use the word you're defining in the definition.


Dale said...

Buddha, I have to agree with Ezekiel -- what you've said doesn't make any sense. If you can explain it, explain it. If you can't explain it, you get nowhere by stringing words together and calling it an explanation.

larryniven said...

If God exists, how could God not have a religion? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a religion a set of beliefs and/or practices regarding a theory as to the ultimate nature of reality? Now, God's religion wouldn't be entirely the same as ours (Jesus would not, for instance, have to eat of his own flesh, one hopes), but it seems flatly silly to say that God would have no religion - no set of beliefs or practices regarding the ultimate nature of reality - at all.