Wednesday, October 1, 2008

George W. Bush: Special

Don't call him below average any more!

[A] record 70 percent of Americans disapprove of George W. Bush's job performance; a career-low 26 percent approve.

Just two presidents have had lower approval (Richard Nixon and Harry Truman) than President Bush, and none has had higher disapproval in polls since 1938.[emphases mine]
But the news isn't all good. Upwards of 47% of Americans can still manage to distinguish George W. Bush from his would-be successor, John "McSame" McCain, in terms of the direction of their leadership:
Fifty-three percent of registered voters think he'd lead the country in the same direction as Bush, inching back up over a majority.
Those 53% are right. There's a reason he's called McSame.

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