Friday, October 24, 2008

I am not a Keynesian! I have never been a Keynesian!

Recession or none, John McCain will freeze spending, balance budgets, make earmark sponsors famous, and otherwise sober up the drunken sailor of government's heedless spending -- except when he won't:

During a visit to Florida last week, Sen. McCain said he, too, favors an additional $2 billion in spending. Asked by a local TV station, News 13, about his broader pledge to freeze spending and whether that would affect NASA’s budget, he said: “Of course not, of course not. It means we’re going to move money around ... Space is vital.”
Of course not! Duh! Space is vital! And so is defense, veterans care, Social Security, health care, science, worker retraining, aid to Israel, military housing, and seemingly every other example of spending that anyone has brought to McCain's attention (a long and growing list).

The maniacal railing against spending calls to mind the mad barkings of another Wide Stance politician's very loud public proclamations that differed rather sharply from his deeds.

Whatever we make of McCain's confused rantings, Paul Krugman has this right.

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larryniven said...

Hm - this is looking less and less like a scalpel vs. hatchet comparison and more and more like a cheesecake vs. white cake comparison. (Personally? Cheesecake, but even I would have the good sense to recognize when a diet is in order.)