Saturday, October 18, 2008

Islam and Homosexuality Redux

Regarding homosexuality and Islam, commenter Nazir says:

regarding homosexuality; you being science beliver and also rationalist you know it prety well that all un-natural method of sex including homosexuality is medically prohibited.thus; with; without; and inspite of its prohibition in religion ; you ought to have straightway belived in its negative effects.
Several of the words are spelled correctly, but this is wrong in every important particular, to wit:
  • For the sake of argument let's assume that the naturalness of homosexuality matters such that if it is natural, then it is morally acceptable, and if it not natural, it is morally unacceptable (this seems to be your implication). As a matter of fact, homosexuality is not unnatural, but has been documented in a wide variety of species apart from ours (link 1, link 2) and has been observed in human society as far back as historical records can trace (link 1, link 2).

    Do you mean to say homosexual sex does not make pregnancies? True. So what? It does not follow that it is unnatural, nor does it follow that it is morally unacceptable. We routinely grant a moral pass to sex acts that do not make pregnancies -- sex involving one or more infertile persons, sex with contraception, sex that is not intercourse, etc.

  • Homosexuality is not "medically prohibited" in any sense. Unsafe sex, regardless of the gender of the participants, definitionally involves medical and/or psychological risks. Homosexuals are perfectly capable of having medically-safe sex; heterosexuals are perfectly capable of having medically-unsafe sex. Gay/straight and safe/unsafe are entirely independent categories.

  • It's not the most important point in contention, but it's worth noting I am not a "science believer," as the idea of a "science believer" is incoherent. I have addressed this point in more depth previously.
The rest of your comment confirmed what was already obvious, that orthodox Islam -- the Koran, the hadiths -- condemns and forbids homosexuality. We see from your account of homosexuality that this Islamic teaching has ill-served you by buttressing prejudices with demonstrable falsehoods. This is what centuries-old fables written by primitives do if not exposed to clear-eyed scrutiny. I invite you to wake up and take a fresh look around -- people have actually learned quite a bit since the eighth century CE.

3 comments: said...

thanks for remnding me to be morally soft if not matchable to your scholarily ideas pertaining to homo-sex trait.the western countries have by and large legalised this aspect of sex what you possibily under critical thinking doctrine assume that if homo-sex is allowed and practised ;a better part of civilization would come up and shall defeat the primitive vision as held by me and by incidence of history held by your ancestral root.i am not medical scientist nor have the medical professional knowledge to show you on clinical terms the effects of homo-sex.but; on social and preventive medicine as common and ordinary citizen; i have numberless refferences from medical authorities from united states of america who medically agreed that homo-sex; oral sex; annal sex is directly or secondary cause of sexual transmitted diseases including have misquoted my islamic refference on the subject.exactly as per quranic disclosure the "community of looth" were lavishly involved in homo-sex trait who {what your modern law says}by vis-major got perished for ever.the holy quran has distinction to directly address three cateogeries: viz:oh!childern of Isreal; oh! believers; oh! athiests!incidentally; there is no direct address like oh! muslims. so the primitive vision appeal so held in quran is for all communities not particularily to muslims.thus; while advising me to be away from the primitive vision; i can safely infer it applies to all others who like me are primitive in vision holding homo-sex as un-natural the way can an athiest approve situation where son can have homo-sex with his father while taking medical precautions and without caring what is or is not its moral aspect? thanks

Dale said...

Nazir: by the way can an athiest approve situation where son can have homo-sex with his father while taking medical precautions and without caring what is or is not its moral aspect?

Thanks for the comment and do stay classy. said...

thanks. iam happy to know that occassionally athiests have reason to be un-reasonablly emotional.