Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama and Ayers Sitting in a Tree ... Doing What?

Lately I've been sassing and generally making a pest of myself in the comments to David Thompson's blog post concerning William Ayers and Barack Hussein Obama. I know what the McSame campaign and its supporters want the tenuous, insubstantial, and inconsequential connection to mean, but there's no evidence that it means anything at all, and I have yet to see anyone spell out the predicate in detail.

Granted, I have not checked the bottom drawers of right wing opinion, where I might be able to find, without much effort, definite and alarming accusations: that Obama plans to name Ayers to a cabinet-level post; that Obama is using his presidential bid as a Trojan Horse that will enable him to conduct a bombing campaign against the Pentagon (for which he will prove unrepentant for decades after); that Obama wants to use the West Wing as the headquarters of a new Weathermen cell; that Obama plans to introduce legislation granting William Ayers the authority to spend $700 billion of taxpayer dollars, subject to no oversight, no review, no checks. To be clear: I am merely speculating here, not accusing anyone of holding these views.

But seriously. What, precisely, is being claimed? People are hearing the Ayers meme and inferring that Obama is some kind of terrorist or terrorist sympathizer.

Does anyone with two feet in reality actually believe that to be true, let alone see the Ayers footnote as the sufficient evidentiary support for it?

Is anyone peddling this garbage prepared to close the loop and state clearly what they're so desperately implying?

Here's a roundup of several of the high-profile journalistic investigations done on the Ayers-Obama connection, which also includes Obama's clear and public denunciation of Ayers.

The available evidence supports the following: Barack Obama and William Ayers have had limited and inconsequential interactions. Each merits a brief footnote in the life story of the other, and no more. Unless and until more and better evidence is produced, invocations of the "Ayers-Obama connection" will continue to serve only as invidious innuendo -- in other words, mud-throwing bullshit.

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