Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Regret-Off: Stereolab v. Running

This is one of the images posted at Earth Patrol of the Stereolab show held here in sunny Portland on October 18. I didn't go because I had that silly half-marathon early the next morning, even knowing I'd regret not seeing both Stereolab and Monade. And it's true! I do regret not going -- just as I would have regretted skipping the Run Like Hell if my mood had swung the other way.

The truth is, I'm pretty conflicted about seeing live shows of my favorite musical acts. Live shows have been both the peaks and the troughs of my musical experiences, with more troughs than peaks. Consider that the first concert I ever attended was a Ratt show -- yes, Ratt. So you can see that I got off to a very doubtful beginning.


Ian McCullough said...

Ratt's Round and Round is a canonical (on the disc) track on Rock Band 2. Not that I'm suggesting anything.

Dale said...

Ian, I saw Round and Round played live! Live! It sucked live too.

Actually, that's a pretty good album by the standards of glam rock. Which is something like saying "that's a pretty good skunk by the standard of rotting road kill."

Yes, yes, it might have made the Canon, but that hardly excuses it.

Ratt? One does not live this down. Thanks for trying.