Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin a Fraud? You Betcha!

There are two really clear takeaways from this video of Sarah Palin engaged in a debate for Alaska governor: (1) she is demonstrably capable of talking about public policy without the "you betchas" in a Fargo accent, so the folksy persona is a deliberate affectation (in other words, a lie); and (2) she is really, really extremist in her anti-abortion position, and not nearly as supportive of gay rights as she tried to portray in the VP debate. Listen:

Now, I am aware of the phenomenon wherein people subconsciously adopt the verbal mannerisms and accents of the people around them, especially when they're trying to make a positive impression. But here, speaking within and among Alaskans -- exactly the salt-of-the-earth people we are asked to believe can't complete a sentence without a Fargoesque "you betcha" or "golly" -- the accent is dramatically reduced, and the folksy ejaculations are gone. Indeed, no one there sounds like Palin sounds in her recent stump speeches. Alaskan is not a synonym for rube, and speaking as a "small-town person" myself -- I'm one if anyone is -- Sarah Palin insults us with her mixture of actual and studied idiocy.

"Maverick" or not, she's an utter fraud.

(H/T Sullivan)


ex-pat said...

In fairness, I still hear the "Fargoesque" accent here, however muted.

On the other hand, Palin is an actress not quite skilled enough to disguise the ruthlessness that still manages to break through her winking and fraudulent folksiness.

Dale said...

ex-pat, true. There is a detectable accent in both cases, but I think it's quite a bit more pronounced (so to speak) in her VP speeches. And as you say, folksy phrases in one but not the other. This doesn't pass the smell test.

Full disclosure: I would not support Sarah Palin even if her verbal productions were 100% consistent across these cases. She's a loon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dale said...

ex-pat, I corrected it to say the accent is "dramatically reduced" in the video (rather than absent), which I think is more accurate.