Saturday, October 4, 2008

Portland Marathon 2008: Chafe-Cast Update

The good people at weather dot com have heard my fretful whimperings and have issued a possibly truthful revision to the Portland forecast in which we enjoy a dry, less-chafe-riddled marathon tomorrow.

Even so, I do not regret my decision to take commenter Martin's advice and purchase some BodyGlide at "The 24th Annual Sports Authority Sports & Fitness Expo." No, my regret is the regret of social awkwardness. I may be connecting dots that don't belong connected here, but looking back, I wonder if they were hoping I'd shoplift it: the BodyGlide, like the thousands of other running-oriented items on sale there, are lying out in the open, quite unattached to anything, amid a swirling sea of people, nearly all of them carrying bags stuffed with a miscellany of flyers, handouts, items already purchased, and items already shoplifted. I didn't see anyone check a bag, nor did I see any of those inventory tag thingies attached to anything. Maybe I just don't know where to look -- I admit my shoplifting chops are severely underdeveloped.

I have to wonder if the entire purpose of the Expo is for local running merchants to let a bunch of their inventory get stolen. Did I commit a faux pas by actually paying?

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