Friday, October 3, 2008

Portland Marathon 2008: Will Run for Shirt

I just returned from the check-in thingy for the Portland Marathon, and what I saw there beggars description. Actually, no it does not: the organizers of the Portland Marathon have reversed last year's lax finisher shirt policy and have reverted to the traditional practice under which finisher shirts are given out to people only after they've actually finished the marathon. That seems wrong on several levels, but I can actually only think of one, namely, it deprives us of the chance to wear the finisher shirt without actually having finished. This is sporting?

The finisher shirts weren't even on display in the hall-of-mirrors that is "The 24th Annual Sports Authority Sports & Fitness Expo," co-located with the check-in thingy -- er, that is, I assume they weren't on display. There was a lot going on there, most of it for sale at what purported to be discounted prices, so I could easily have seen the very finisher shirts we'll receive after we run, jog, walk, crawl, or get carried across the finish line.

As I have not seen this year's shirt, its color remains an enticing mystery. I hope it is orange, purple, or black -- almost anything will be an improvement over last year's hideous shade of cyan. Almost.

A small complaint: no food in our bag o' swag? Not the slightest morsel? Of anything? No one had any unsold horrible protein bars clogging up a warehouse anywhere?

Oh, and the timing chip -- that's a not-so-small complaint. It's ... different. I predict problems. I watched the live demonstration of how it works, so I think I'll be able to manage, but it seems to me that a timing chip design that calls for a video demonstration combined with a live demonstration performed by a dedicated timing chip model is a timing chip that's a little too much fuss.


Domestically Challenged said...

Good luck, Dale!!!! I have a few friends running. I think you are all crazy!

Dale said...

Thanks DC! Yes, "crazy" fits.