Thursday, October 2, 2008

Religulous Framed

Here's Bill Maher puffing his new movie, Religulous, on the Larry King show:

Naturally, Matt Nisbet is already panning the film as an ugly outgrowth of Richard Dawkins' rotten approach to, you know, doing anything at all short of going into witness protection and passing himself off as a deaf-mute country bishop; I gather Maher is guilty of "framing" satire in a way that's sure to drive moderates away from laughter:

[I]f Maher's and Dawkins' rants become the model for our own Borat-like conversations with friends and neighbors, as atheists we are likely to be scoring a lot of self-inflicted wounds.
"Borat Atheism" is Nisbet's new funny to succeed "Don Imus Atheism," which is so July.


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