Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running's Like Hell?

I ran like hell at today's Run Like Hell half-marathon and finished in 1:34:20, which works out to a 7:12 minute/mile pace (updated to reflect official results).

I didn't go into this race with any particular plan in mind, and in fact I had a hard time deciding, even after the race had started, whether I wanted to put in a good time or just enjoy the day. By the mile one mark, according to no particular logic, I decided to try to make a good time out of it, and for whatever it's worth, I'm pretty happy with the results. I have covered 13.1 miles faster than this at least one other time that I can "prove" (because someone actually timed it) -- the first half of the 2007 Portland Marathon -- but this was my best half-marathon per se.

I was one of the many lame-asses who didn't take the opportunity to dress in keeping with the Halloween theme for this event, but there were some very good costumes out there. I especially liked the women dressed as bees and the couple dressed as the Wonder Twins.

It's not the race organizers' fault that it was damn cold out there today -- still 42 degrees several minutes after I had finished -- and for some reason, I decided to run the thing in short sleeves and shorts. Brrrr.


Free Music said...

good blog

larryniven said...

I dunno if this is patronizing to say or not, but I'm impressed - I was on a cross-country team for a while and I bloody well hated it. I think I got down to around 7 minute miles over a 5k, so I'm more or less blown away that you can do it over a much longer distance.

Dale said...

LN, thanks. So long as I continue shamelessly bragging about my running on this precious, precious blog, I cannot possibly accuse anyone of patronizing (or the like) if/when they respond favorably to the bragging. It's a deal of sorts. ;-)