Thursday, October 9, 2008

Senator Inhofe: Reality is a liberal hoax

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma is determined to show the world why there are so many of us relieved to call ourselves former Oklahomans:

Asked whether John McCain is a victim of the global warming “hoax,” Inhofe responded, “People are afraid of some the environmentalists out there because they pour all the money into campaigns and, consequently, we have a lot of people who fall in that category, and some of them are Republicans.”

Summing up his assessment of global warming science, Inhofe declared: “It’s hysteria.”
Indeed so. For all their record-shattering profits, the oil companies stand enfeebled beside the power of Big Green in its relentless drive to inconvenience them.

The tentacles reach beyond that, of course: add thermometers to the grim list of hoax-perpetuating liberal frauds, as they have been used by the ultra-liberal NASA to gin up charts like this one:

Fake! Hoax! Fraud! Won't someone think of the oil executives? James Inhofe bravely will if only the people remaining in Oklahoma vote him to the Senate again. Something tells me they will, chanting "drill, baby, drill" all the while. In particular, the voters of Ponca City are likely to reaffirm their Stockholm Syndrome relationship with Conoco-Phillips and give Inhofe a wide margin, as they did for reality-besieged Bush-Cheney and Senator Coburn in 2004 (Ponca City straddles Kay and Osage counties in the north-central part of the state.)



Anonymous said...

And I thought Gumby was a liberal hoax. Note to self: Watch more Fox News.

Dale said...

Anon., you're on the right track, just stay with it. Keep watching FOX even though it hurts; the longer you watch, the less it hurts, and soon enough you won't even have any firm memories of what it was like before. It's less expensive than a conventional lobotomy.