Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprisingly Unsurprising

Oh looky! Another far right politician has been found to be gay:

The successor to the Austrian rightwing populist Jörg Haider, Stefan Petzner, has shocked the staunchly conservative country by revealing in a tearful interview that they shared a "special relationship".

Petzner, 27, who was confirmed yesterday as the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO) after Haider's death in a car crash two weeks ago, made the admission on Austrian radio, effectively confirming long-standing rumours that he and Haider were lovers.
I suppose it counts as slightly surprising that the secretly-gay anti-gay politican is not American this time, but only slightly. Evidently this form of psycho-sexual-political malady crosses national and linguistic borders. (Not to mention boundaries of time and fiction/non-fiction, as The Wife astutely points out. It's only a matter of time before another Dolschtoss is proclaimed and someone, or something, is seen dragged behind a chariot around the walls of Vienna.)

On a human level, it's a shame. It's a shame that people seem so capable of taking the prejudices they've been fed, mixing those with their own innermost feelings as human beings, and converting the volatile mixture into an overloud, histrionic anti-gay ideology.

On a political level, whatever works. If this dynamic continues play out in case after case, and if it continues to discredit the political and religious bigotry it feeds and feeds on, that's fine.

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The Wife said...

Or another "Night of the Long Knives"?