Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Film Thing Might Take Off

Matt Nisbet seems troubled -- I think that's the word for it:

Following on the heels of Expelled Obsession, a film warning of radical Islam, there's more signs that the Right has discovered documentary film as a strategic communication tool to shape policy and mobilize their base.
It was indeed only a matter of time before the American right discovered film as an expedient for reaching large audiences. That time was no later than 1915, barely after the advent of film, with D.W. Griffith's racist classic Birth of a Nation:

Skipping forward to 1941, "The Door to Heaven" -- the narrator's voice really sticks to the ribs:

Here's an instructional video on capitalism from 1948 featuring poor acting and quite a few mentions of "weenies:"

And so on. I think it's fair to assume that people on the right (and not only on the right) will continue to stumble on the idea of reaching large audiences and propagating ideas via film.

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