Monday, October 20, 2008

Whew! Glad That's Over With.

Oil prices are down and promise to remain down for the next thirty or forty minutes, possibly longer, so we can dispense with all that stuff about fuel-efficient cars and alternative energy:

One type of oil shock has given way to another. Even more swiftly than the price of oil rose, it has tumbled to the range that seemed far-fetched when Reinert spoke and oil was more than $130 a barrel. Now that drop threatens a wide variety of game-changing plans to find alternatives to oil or ways to drastically reduce U.S. consumption.
Fabulous. It is once again every American's unassailable patriotic duty to go into hock to buy the largest, most gas-guzzling SUV within reach.

One would hope for someone to take the long view on all this, perhaps someone from the ranks of political leadership. It is, after all, conceivable that oil remains a finite resource welled predominantly in subterranean keeps subject to the territorial control of people who hate us.

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