Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Dares Call Combover Jesus a Liar?

I found a flyer titled "CREATOR OR LIAR?" lying on the street and picked it up hoping it would edify, and I was not disappointed: its convenient distillation of Protestant Christianity into 22 animated pages (circular logic and all!) includes, among other gems, the above image of combover Jesus smiling at a foot as he uses his super powers to heal it, or possibly enlarge or tickle it.

In the next pane, note how much has changed, and not all of it for the better: on the one hand, Jesus has grown back all of his hair -- not all of his healing miracles were strictly altruistic, claims of his "perfect life" notwithstanding! -- but the menacing look on that stereotypically Jewish face in the foreground bespeaks trouble ahead.

The penultimate page of "CREATOR OR LIAR?" lays out the stark choice faced by any person who picks it out of the gutter:

"YOU MUST DECIDE!," it proclaims in the four-ply earnest of bold, underline, all caps, and an exclamation point. The decision does not merit italics too? But just look at those sign-wielding atheists -- they look so unhappy. And we so are. We stand there with our signs looking dumpy, grim, and petulant all the time. It's a problem.

The fundamental pitch of "CREATOR OR LIAR?" comes down to Lewis's Trilemma, which I've discussed previously. Suffice to say it's no more compelling when picked off the curb: if those are my choices, then I guess I'll go with liar.

Update: an anonymous commenter points out this is one tract among many by the same wacko outfit.


Anonymous said...

Being a bit of a tract addict myself, I suggest you head over to Chick Publications and explore the delirious world of Mr. Jack Chick. If you've never been, click on "Tracts" under the heading "Products." He's even got a new Halloween one out called "First Bite." Spooky!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Also, if you can find it (it's hard to get even on the Web), a rip-roaringly LOL funny Cthulhu-based Chickoid Tract called "Who Will Be Eaten First?"

Oh, joy! You can find it here
until someone threatens them with legal action!

Ezekiel said...

Ah yes. Chick tracts. Depending on your point of view either the bane of my high school aged gay-pride marching self, or hours of fun/horror at the realization that people that dumb actually managed to breed.

About once a year when I feel like maybe I'm a little too complacent in thinking that society is in general a positive place, I go to the website to perk up my cynicism.