Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who Will Save Your Soul? Bruce Will!

In reply to your comment of a day or two ago, Bruce, your sense is correct -- my doubts about creation tales, loon-based and otherwise, are real. You say:

I invite you to read a good modern translation like the TNIV all of the way through to prove to yourself who the God of the Bible is.
Bruce, you're too late on two counts.

First, I've already read "good modern translations" of the Bible thoroughly enough to know that it reads as nothing more than confused fables distilling mixed, but mostly awful, morals. The same holds true of bad pre-modern translations for whatever it's worth.

Second, based partly on that reading, I've gone over the line that Jesus himself drew in Matt 12:32:
Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.
Harsh! While we're on translations, I checked, and some of the bad pre-modern translations are every bit as bleak: Wycliffe, King James.

As it turns out, I've spoken many a word against the Holy Spirit, in this precious, precious blog and elsewhere. I have noted, among other things, that it doesn't make any sense, adds no discernible value to anything, and doesn't seem grounded in any observable reality but sounds, instead, like a lot of empty woo thrown out to thrall the gullible.

So I'm afraid I am not going to get to ride shotgun in Jesus' hot rod no matter what I do, "either in this age or in the age to come," as that good modern translation phrases it.

I suppose Jesus has left room for me in the age after next, so maybe we can revisit this at that time. Until then, cheers.


Sheri said...

Heheh, I see some of what you say, but do you really think you've sinned against the Holy Spirit? How?

Dale said...

Well Sheri, that's a good question. But Jesus is concerned with "speaking against" the Holy Spirit, and I'm pretty sure I've done that. If not, let me know and I'll try harder.

But you make a good point. What exactly is Jesus hoping we won't do? He doesn't really define the transgression clearly.

While he's at it, Jesus does a spectacularly bad job of helping us understand this holy trinity business. It's OK, sez Jesus, to speak against him, but not OK to speak against the Holy Spirit. But aren't they the same? 3 and yet 1 or whatever?

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by.

larryniven said...

It's sort of like, if I can try my hand at this, that guy who does impressions on like Comcast commercials, MadTV, and his own show on TBS (FrankTV or something?). You know he's one guy, but he can put on a lot of different faces. So sort of extrapolate that human ability out to deistic proportions and you get the Trinity, which is God doing three impersonations at once: Jesus, the lovable, lost lamb; the Father, irascible but ultimately fair; and the Holy Spirit...whatever that is. So, if that's about right, then we can conclude that the Holy Spirit is God's favoritest impression to do, so if you talk trash about it, He'll get super-pissed at you - maybe that Frank guy is the same way about, say, his John Madden impersonation.

But then again, how does reading the Bible, especially the Christian one, help explain creation (which I thought was the point)? It doesn't make the whole "on the first day" bit any more plausible to talk about Jesus. It's not like I was all ready to reject the Jewish account of creation because it didn't have enough guys getting nailed to crosses. I assume you're the same way, no?