Monday, November 3, 2008

California - No on 8!

Please, Californians, vote no on proposition 8. It's a matter of affirming basic human equality and upholding fundamental human rights.

While I don't live in California, this matter touches me and people I care about. And it is the lives of real, living, breathing everyday people at stake in the outcome of this vote.

Please see through a couple of big lies being spread in favor of proposition 8:

  • If proposition 8 fails, churches will not be required to sanctify, honor, or otherwise pay attention to gay marriages. Churches -- and mosques and synagogues and all manner of religious bodies -- will remain free to acknowledge or refuse to acknowledge marriages in keeping with the tenets of the faith. Period. Proposition 8 is about the state of California, not about private religious bodies.
  • Proposition 8 has nothing to do with what schools teach about gay people or any other topic. Nothing. Proposition 8 takes away the right of gay people to engage in state-recognized marriages. Period.
Please vote for simple justice by voting NO on 8.

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