Monday, November 3, 2008

Enduring Conflicts

According to the latest issue of Experimental and Applied Acarology, the most respected journal of applied acarology,* scorpions, spiders, mites, and ticks have been around for a very long time -- long enough to have been annoying the shit out of creatures long before whole categories of creatures even existed:

"The general consensus is that mites and ticks became parasites on reptiles, but maybe this happened on amphibians, since they were around when ticks emerged," Hoy said, pointing out that amphibians to this day can be plagued by parasites.
Truly the arachnid-amphibian wars shall never cease.

Not to say we primates have achieved a stable and lasting peace with the blood-suckers that would feed on us; far from it. Most tick photos (source) are subtler than this one -- what next? A spider pictured next to the sole of a shoe? A housefly next to a rolled-up magazine? A cockroach next to a can of insecticide? A fruit fly next to a dishwasher?

* Up yours, Forbes and Fortune!

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