Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He Wishes He Could Quit Her

I am making a strong effort to leave Lady Also behind as a chewable for this precious, precious blog, but not so Andrew Sullivan, for whom it remains the middle of October. He makes a valid point or two, chiefly this one:

The impulsive, unvetted selection of a total unknown, with no knowledge of or interest in the wider world, as a replacement president remains one of the most disturbing events in modern American history. That the press felt required to maintain a facade of normalcy for two months - and not to declare the whole thing a farce from start to finish - is a sign of their total loss of nerve. That the Palin absurdity should follow the two-term presidency of another individual utterly out of his depth in national government is particularly troubling. 46 percent of Americans voted for the possibility of this blank slate as president because she somehow echoed their own sense of religious or cultural "identity". Until we figure out how this happened, we will not be able to prevent it from happening again. And we have to find a way to prevent this from recurring. [emphasis mine]
I say that's an insult to blank slates: we saw quite enough of what was on this particular slate and what was painfully lacking from it.

She should never have been taken seriously as a candidate for vice president -- not by the members of her party, and not by the news media. As a more or less charming guest participant on Hollywood Squares? Sure. As a firebrand host of a FauxNews show? Inevitably. But there's a world of difference between a political maverick and a clothes-crazy hayseed, and the latter should never be placed next-in-line for command of the nuclear arsenal. It's insanity, and shame on anyone who wished it away.

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