Sunday, November 23, 2008

Michael Jackson Goes Muslim?

Christians rejoice! Michael Jackson has reportedly left your team and has signed with the reigning middle-east divisional champions, Islam:

The 50-year-old pop star, who changed his name to Mikaeel, pledged allegiance to the Koran at a friend's house in Los Angeles. An Imam was summoned from a nearby mosque to hold the shahada, the declaration of belief in Allah and Mohammed's prophecy.
Do we dare to hope that Michael Jackson will do for Islam what he previously did for insane self-mutilating child molesters, namely, make it even less appealing?

Maybe so. But I'm afraid the bad news outweighs the good news, as is often the case. First and foremost, this news confirms our collective supicions that Michael Jackson still exists as a headlines-producing entity, and dashes our hopes that he had been abducted for a ransom no one would ever pay, or had altered his appearance to a point that he was completely unrecognizable, or had himself sealed in something and sent to the moon or the bottom of the sea, or had simply, at long last, run out of good will and landed in prison where he belongs.


(via I kid you not)


Martha said...

Well we have heard things like this before too. But no official statement from the man itself.

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