Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama 23, McCain 6

If you've not already voted today, do so knowing your role is now to ratify the superstitions:

Since 1940, 16 of 17 times, a Redskins win in its last home game before Election Day has corresponded to an incumbent party victory, and a loss has meant a win for the challenging party.
Last night, the Steelers defeated the Redskins 23-6 in the Redskins' last home game before the election. I think I love you, Byron Leftwich. (Does that sound gay?) Also:
Then there's the idea that in 10 of the last 13 elections, the taller candidate has come out on top ... If the pattern holds true, then the 6-foot-1 Obama bests McCain on Tuesday.
And as if that weren't enough,
In the past, some see a pattern that when a National League team won, so did the Democratic candidate.

This may explain why Obama was rooting for the now-world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Actually, the pattern of an American League World Series champ hinting at a Republican winner and a National League champ signaling a Democrat has held true just 60 percent of the time since 1908, the first time the World Series fell on a presidential election year.
I knew there had to be a good reason I found myself rooting for the Phillies last week; it turns out I wasn't just rooting for the baseball season to come to an end.


larryniven said...

As my roommate pointed out, you'd better hope your team doesn't play Washington right before the 2012 election, because then they'll have to lose. But yes: Leftwich absolutely saved the day, and I knew he would come in handy when we picked him up. Now if only we could get an offensive line...

Dale said...

I like the Steelers a lot. But geez, you're right, they need to get better at defending the pass rush. It was very frustrating watching them lose to the Eagles -- the Eagles ran basically the same defense play after play: send everyone at the QB. For a moment it looked as though the Redskins would get away with the same thing.

Oh and did you hear? Obama won!

larryniven said...

I missed the Philly game because, interestingly, I had to go to Philly that weekend, so I was in the car driving back home at the time. I hear it was a travesty, though, so maybe I didn't miss too much after all.

Up until I got home after the elections last night, I was really miffed. I live in a pretty conservative suburb and I went out on who knows how many canvasses and felt, taking a composite view of the whole experience, that Obama actually had a decent chance to win my district. So then I signed up to work the polls to make sure that nothing stupid happened (I mean, besides people voting for McCain), and that went great. And then, at the end of the night, when we printed off our results, the machines had 504 votes for Obama...and 517 for McCain. So on the brief bike ride home, I was all upset, and then the first thing my roommate told me when I got in was that CNN had already called PA, which was sort of the end of that. I really can't wait til he gets in office, man - it's been eight long years of minimizing damage and trying to stop the bleeding, and, to mix my metaphors utterly, it'll be a refreshing change to have the wind at my back.