Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing Knifey-Spooney

The New Yorker has a profile of Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer, who achieved that designation, in part, by using one of the knives he made to accomplish

four tasks, in this order: cut through an inch-thick piece of Manilla rope in a single swipe; chop through a two-by-four, twice; place the blade on his forearm and, with the belly of the blade that had done all the chopping, shave a swath* of arm hair; and, finally, lock the knife in a vise and permanently bend it ninety degrees.
That's one hell of a knife. Presumably Ron Popeil presides over the Master Bladesmith certification.

* I'm delighted to see The New Yorker use the word swath where others would erroneously use swathe; it's almost enough to cancel out their annoying practice of putting book and film titles in quotes. Almost.

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