Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pro Forma Thanksgiving Musings

I am thankful for family, friends, health, music, edgy animated tee-vee series, burnt orange, science, marine mammals, books, human creativity, beauty, truth, garlic, beer, and all the rest of that crap that sometimes makes life seem worth living.

I am also thankful for the fact that very few, if any, NFL teams have ever been as shitty as the Detroit Lions. What a waste of great uniforms.

As an atheist, who am I thanking for all this? Mostly I am thanking other people, on whose shoulders we all stand in so many ways, but I think there's a valid intransitive use of the verb to thank. It just refers to the way things are, and it's worthwhile to take a moment to be mindful of all the good in the world.


Scott Andersen said...

As a former Detroit Lions fan--still in recovery--I remember with recurring cold sweats the day I forever gave up my faith in the Lions.

Dec. 30, 1995. The NFC Wild Card Game. Philadelphia 58, Detroit 37... it was shameful. The score almost makes it appear that the Lions were in the game. They weren't. It was a blow-out.

I have not watched them since that day when I angrily cried aloud "I divorce thee! I divorce thee! I divorce thee!"

Still, the stains of psychological abuse suffered at the hands of the tormenting team from Detroit haunt my autumns. But I know, in time, even these wounds will heal.

Dale said...

Scott, thanks for that. It's the rare commenter that really gets down deep that way. I salute you.

But alas the news is not all good. I've broken up with the Dallas Cowboys, my boyhood favorites, often enough to know how futile it is.

Some day, the Lions will make a respectable showing again, and you'll be there rooting. And it's OK!

I miss Barry Sanders. I saw him play live once when he was still at OSU -- easily the greatest athlete I ever got to see live and in person. (That's not saying much in my case, but hey, it is what it is.)

While not a life-long fan in the way you are, I do hate to see the Lions stink so badly for so long, and I've found myself rooting for them many times, both before and after Barry Sanders. Before Barry Sanders, after all, they hosted the brief NFL career of OU great Billy Sims.

And they've always had cool uniforms. I've always thought so.

Sigh. I'm afraid first loves never die. I hope you find otherwise.

Ian McCullough said...

Dale, I grew up in Detroit - I loved watching Billy Sims and Barry Sanders. I watched about five minutes of the Thanksgiving game which is the single event which defined Thanksgiving for me as a child. They were terrible and literally unwatchable.