Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reading It Only For the Logs

Brad has visited Ponca City and is stunned to report on something there that is not an insult to whatever it's an example of -- free broadband internet access for the entire town:

I was fairly impressed with the service provided, as none of the things I attempted to access were blocked (IM, video chat, Skype phone calls, e-mail, BitTorrent), and web browsing appeared to be unfiltered, too. I tried YouTube, hulu, and even some porn sites (just to see if the network was filtered) and all loaded normally.
Of course, Brad! I, too, only browse porn sites to check on network filtering and for other high-minded technical-sounding reasons.

Alas, the porn surfing technical testing over Ponca City's free wi-fi probably ends here, now that Brad has crossed that line for what is surely the first time ever from that network, given the god-fearing milieu of its end-user base. The administrators, now grimly aware of the existence of depravity on the internets, are surely working hard to institute sensible content filters. By this time tomorrow I expect everything will be blocked except WorldNetDaily and the home page of Oral Roberts University.

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