Monday, November 17, 2008

Sullivan Stares into the Abyss

Andrew Sullivan on Mormons and the Mormon church:

I respect their right to freedom of conscience and religion. In fact, it is one of my strongest convictions. But when they use their money and power to target my family, to break it up, to demean it and marginalize it, to strip me and my husband of our civil rights, then they have started a war. And I am not a pacifist.
In context, he's referring to the Mormon church's support for California's proposition 8, but he fails to explain why the 'they declared war and I am not a pacifist' line applies to the bigotry headquartered in Salt Lake City but not to the bigotry founded in Rome, Mecca, or Wittenberg. Nor why, for that matter, anti-gay animus is the first and last item on the war-worthy list, but not any of a dozen other forms of fear-driven backwardness. This is as close as he can bring himself to it:
The Mormons are not unique in this persecution of their own gay folk. My own church has recently capitulated to bigotry in its own hiring practices, even as the Vatican is run by so many psychologically scarred gay men.
Recently? Recently capitulated? In hiring practices? Take a deep breath and let yourself look over the ledge, Andrew: it's not a capitulation when they openly avow it, it's not recent when they've embraced it from the start, and it goes well beyond hiring practices.

Success in war requires distinguishing allies from enemies.

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