Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Beauty Blogging

This is Julie Benz, an actress who plays one of the characters on Dexter. I don't particularly care which character so long as they give her lots of scenes.

There are numerous photos of her on her IMDB page, most of which show her as blond.


Ian McCullough said...

Benz also had a prominent role in the much missed series Angel as the vampire Darla. What? Don't you like Buffy and Angel? Shame. Shame.

Dale said...

Ian, busted. I have never seen as much as five minutes of any of those vampire slayer shows.

It does explain the dark hair look on Ms. Benz, or so I gather.

I have been sucked in to watching HBO's True Blood, another vampire drama with lots of eye candy.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I never went for the Angel/Buffy stories, even though I think Whedon's a minor genius.

To bubblegummy, too soap-opera-y for me.

My wife loves the TrueBlood series of novels, though.

All that said, Ms Benz is teh_certifyd_hotness, yes. I'd consider marrying her dog to get into the family.

Dale said...

Ms. Benz is easy on the eyes, although she grew on me gradually. I was several episodes into Dexter before I realized I didn't like looking away from her. The show is so-so -- it has its ups and its downs -- but she's an up.