Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Hideousness Blogging

Yes, this image is hideous, but I've not posted it capriciously. I've posted to help adjust your aesthetic reception in preparation for the disturbing image I'm about to link to. What I'm linking to below is far worse than what you've seen here -- so bad as to fall below even this precious, precious blog's everyday standards. It's worse than the poor snake with the ugly guy's nasal cavity wrapped around it; it's worse than the world's ugliest dog and world's ugliest cat; it's worse than almost anything I can imagine -- say, the image of Rush Limbaugh licking barbecue sauce from his fingers as he crouches down in his SUV to retrieve a fallen french fry, exposing his bare ass crack.

Yes, it's worse than all that.

Here is the link. Godspeed, little web browsers. Don't blame me if you click the link.

(H/T Institute for Jurassic Technology)

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