Friday, November 7, 2008

War on Christmas: Gauntlet Picked Up

The War on Christmas has been renewed:

No time of the year is more merry for Bill O’Reilly than the “Christmas season,” because he can then go to war with his nemeses, the so-called “secular progressives.” ... For the past two nights, O’Reilly has been offering bumper stickers reading “We Say Merry Christmas” to anyone who orders his book off his website.
This year, we secular progressives are going to win! Victory shall be ours!

Actually, I say both "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" depending on no particular scheme, ideal, or ideological commitment -- unless something like "I prefer these holiday cards with the owls to those holiday cards with the snowman" counts as an ideological commitment. Does that make me a soldier of this war's Italy?


Laura said...

Dale, I can't begin to tell you how much I loathe B. O'R. Well, actually, I can...but suffice to say I cringe every time I remember he's from Long Island, and he continues to contaminate it not 10 miles from where my parents live. Ugh.

If I know someone is from a particular religious background, I offer the appropriate holiday greeting. If not, "Happy Holidays" expresses it well enough, I think.

Dale said...

Laura, I cringe right along with you, believe me.

Seriously, if I know someone is not Christian, I don't wish them a merry Xmas. Then again, I don't worry much over it. The fact is, I don't say either "merry Xmas" or "happy holidays" to very many people. It just doesn't come up.

And as for cards, I tend to go with the more inclusive ones simply because there are, in fact, more holidays than Christmas to celebrate around that time.

And I don't cede Christmas to the Christians. They have their meaning for it, and I have mine. (As it happens, what it means to me is pretty widely shared as meanings go.) If they think they can tell me what it means and doesn't mean, they're just adding to an already-high pile of delusions, in which case I invite them once again -- politely this time, in the spirit of the holidays -- to fuck the fuck off.


Aimée said...

Thanks for this post Dale. It made me feel better. I received my first negative blog comment from a Christian over Christmas - even though I wasn't even really talking about Christmas - I think they're touchy about it.

Just because we're not "Jesus Lovers" (as my Hindu boss likes to call "them") doesn't mean we can't celebrate the holiday in any form we choose to!

By the way, I'd pay good money to get close enough to Bill O'Reilly to tell him to "fuck the fuck off" - that is, if you wouldn't mind being quoted :)

Dale said...

Aimee, please quote it if you like it! I don't think I originated it, but maybe. I bet you could find it in the googles. Or not.

Regarding Christmas, for whatever it's worth, I put my fuller thoughts on it here:

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