Monday, November 3, 2008

The Wolves Close In

In what I take to be a spirit of "nothing left to lose," Caribou Barbie is violating a pledge: she won't be releasing her medical records before tomorrow's election, so I gather she thinks her track record of lying about nearly everything establishes the credibility of her claims of an uninteresting medical history. I admit I don't follow Christianist logic well.

Not that there would have been a good reason to support her even if she had read her complete medical history, word for word, from a teleprompter on live TV.

I take this as a signal of Bush's confidence in an Obama victory:

As the U.S. presidential candidates sprint toward the finish line, the Bush administration is also sprinting to enact environmental policy changes before leaving power.

Whether it's getting wolves off the Endangered Species List, allowing power plants to operate near national parks, loosening regulations for factory farm waste or making it easier for mountaintop coal-mining operations, these proposed changes have found little favor with environmental groups.
Sadly, whatever happens tomorrow, Bush will be president until late January, and he's willing and able to do a lot of lasting damage in that time.

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