Saturday, November 8, 2008

You're All Filthy

If you have a blogspot/blogger blog that I read, shame on you! You peddle filth.

My evidence? The middle school whose wi-fi I am currently using has a content filter that blocks your lurid, disgusting, shame-a-prostitute output.

And mine too, I hasten to add. Shame on all of us.

It is only through a back-door channel that I am able to post this.

Yes, I said "back-door channel," proving that I am hopelessly gutter-minded.


Zennalathas said...

Why are you trying to look up such filthy things at a middle school?! Why are you there...?

Why would you risk the "back-door" innuendo in the vicinity of children?!

Dale said...

Zenn, I was in sunny Corvallis, Oregon, for my son's chess tournament. It went on all day long, as they all do, and seemed even longer, as they all do. This time I brought the laptop in hopes it would dispel some of the boredom, and it did -- some.