Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Rainbow Unweaved

It turns out that the baby photographed for the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind is still alive (albeit no longer in baby form) and attempting to become a celebrity for some reason. It seems to me that having his infant doodle memorialized in the CD collections of millions upon millions of music fans is more than celebrity enough.

But there's more to this story if you dare to pursue it: the tale of how the image was made. It may or may not make you sadder and wiser, but at the risk of spoiling it, I point out that it will disappoint your hopes that the photo arose organically, as a genuine, live-action shot of baby-fishing with dollar bills used as bait. It didn't happen quite that way. In fact, actual baby-fishing is almost never photographed; it's a tightly-knit sporting community that sedulously keeps its secrets.

I see that Rolling Stone gave Nevermind all of three stars when it came out. Three stars out of five! Evidently it didn't sound enough like Steve Winwood or one of Keith Richard's solo records or that band that played "Horse With No Name." Whatever the case, well played, Rolling Stone!

And while I'm on it: Andy Rooney remains and shall remain an asshole.

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