Saturday, December 27, 2008

Backward Submission

Islam means submission, and its most breathless followers are pleased to run with the idea:

The Taleban have ordered the closure of all girls’ schools in the war-ravaged Swat district and warned parents and teachers of dire consequences if the ban is flouted.

In an announcement made in mosques and broadcast on radio, the militant group set a deadline of January 15 for its order to be obeyed or it would blow up school buildings and attack schoolgirls. It also told women not to set foot outside their homes without being fully covered.

“Female education is against Islamic teachings and spreads vulgarity in society,” Shah Dauran, leader of a group that has established control over a large part of Swat district in the North West Frontier Province, declared this week.
Notice how submission fits equally well whether the person submitting is free or coerced: one submits to the charms of a math lesson, or one submits to the demands of a mugger holding a knife. It's all submission.

Submission to god's will -- this arrangement guarantees that, sooner or later, the will of mere humans will have to yield. God wants what he wants, so schools will need to be blown to pieces, women will need to be terrified into silence and veiled from sight, girls will need to be kept away from books and teachers.

More plainly, Islam means backwardness, privation, and ignorance.

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