Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chickens in Portland

I think this piece in the Atlantic about chickens in Portland is important and timely because it's about chickens in Portland. But does it give due attention to chicken sexing?

But all this is nothing compared to the mysteries of chicken sexing.
Yes! Dance a happy jig -- but wait, does it address the problem of spare roosters?
Simply put, it’s not easy to size up a chicken’s true leanings, at least not right away. That’s a lesson many urban chicken owners learn the hard way, because no matter how attached they become to this creature they’re raising from an egg, even chicken-friendly cities such as Portland (where a tour highlighting the best in backyard avian architecture—think coops with eco-roofs and heated floors—attracted more than 600 people last year) draw a firm line at roosters. So the question becomes: How to get rid of them?
Fantastic, simply fantastic.

At the risk of playing the spoiler, it turns out there is no good way to rid oneself of spare roosters to keep on the good side of Portland's stringent -- but forward-looking, always forward-looking -- anti-rooster statutes. They're either converted to nuggets or transferred to rural settings where rooster noise is limited by a Nash equilibrium resulting from the fact that everyone keeps roosters.

In other words: they're sent outside of Portland and converted to nuggets.

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