Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve Tool Blogging - Pandora

I didn't expect to, but I like pandora, the free online "internet radio" music thingy that claims to exist for the pursuit of the Music Genome Project, an algorithm that can predict musical preferences, whose description is almost interesting, high-minded and science-y enough to occlude the aim of pushing web ads. Almost.

But that's the great thing about pandora -- yes, it does serve up ads, but it's not so very intrusive, certainly nowhere near as intrusive as actual radio. Its library of music seems sufficiently capacious to match its ambitions, and arguably best of all, it plays through the web browser without requiring extra software.


larryniven said...

I used to like pandora until it kept giving me Keane songs no matter where I started out from. It's not that I don't like Keane, but that's awfully suspicious. Anyway, I can just stream kexp, which is just about as effective as a music-finding method.

Dale said...

LN, thanks for the heads-up -- I'll be on a Keane watch, but so far so good.

larryniven said...

Heh, okay - I didn't mean it as a warning exactly, but I guess that works, too. Actually, besides the disturbing coincidence of running into the same song from the same band like eight times, it worked pretty well. I just get peeved by small errors, is all (have you noticed?).