Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Music, High and Low

I am the last one to be immune from the charms of religious-oriented Christmas music.

Bach's "In Dulci Jubilo":

And in the so-bad-it's-good vein, via Portland Mercury, the sad-throated stylings of Henrietta and Myrna performing "Go Tell It On the Mountain":


Aimée said...

Henrietta and Myrna – my musical contemporaries! :)

The best part of the video is the fancy camera work. I especially like the part in the beginning with the cut away to the vase of flowers. Very professional.

I probably shouldn’t poke fun; I bet the pissy-looking blonde is a scrapper! Thanks for the laugh. Happy holidays Dale.

Dale said...

Aimee, it is some fabulous camera work -- or I should say visual effects -- is it not?

And to think they had no professional training!