Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hapless Portlanders on Ice

There's a lot of that oh-my-god-I'm-not-controlling-this-car-I'm-driving feeling here in Portland these days, and if the forecasts are to be believed,* there's more to come in the days ahead.

This is the scene from a couple of days ago along a more or less representative stretch of hilly street:

Of course, that has nothing on the definitive classic of the genre, filmed roughly a year ago:

The sun is still up there and emitting warming radiation in the usual amounts, right? I realize it's extremely cold in much of the United States, but this is Portland, and we are world-class weather wimps here.

Pity us.

And stay out the path of our cars until we're well clear of this cold snap.

* This is Portland. We get the bottom 2% of the meteorology schools or something,** so no, the forecasts are not to be believed.

** I should be more generous. The big brains at the National Weather Service and weather dot com do no better at forecasting weather in this area. The locals do no better and no worse.

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