Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He is not not guilty. He has never been not not guilty.

Former Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig has lost out on his attempt to plead both ways on his completely-not-gay interactions with an undercover cop in a men's room a year ago:

Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) will not be allowed to withdraw his 2007 guilty plea to “disorderly conduct after he was arrested last year in a bathroom at Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport by an undercover policeman.” The court ruled that Craig’s rights had not been violated and that his guilty plea was “accurate, voluntary and intelligent.”
I think "accurate, voluntary, and intelligent" are the best adjectives Larry Craig could hope to wrangle from this situation at this stage; it can only get worse from there. Now that he's out of the Senate, it seems well past time for removing to a quiet stall in remote Idaho where all his foot-tapping will be interpreted as the signals of a man profoundly committed to faith-based family values.

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