Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Know What I Hate?

I hope someone with taste, discrimination, knowledge, wisdom, and, above all, boundless wit will review this appropriation of Salvador Dali by Volkswagen (along with the other in the series) and tell me whether I should love it or hate it.

I could be turned, but I am tending toward hate. Since it appropriates some of the most delightfully evocative art ever made and converts it into a cheap parable about some shitty car's gas mileage, it lacks the whimsy of proper parody.

(H/T Eyeteeth)


Ian McCullough said...

The most amazing thing about Persistence of Memory is its size - 9" x 13". It is a teeny tiny painting which one would never guess from reproductions. The detail is simply amazing and it is one of the most brilliant things I have personally seen.

Dale said...

Ian, thanks for reminding me of how huge it is. I do want to see it some day.

Maybe they'll ship it to my house for a while? I promise to return it.