Thursday, December 4, 2008

If You [Heart] the Oregon Coast

If you love the Oregon Coast -- and what's not to love about it? -- please consider signing this petition sponsored by Environment Oregon:

We’re calling on Oregon leaders to establish Oregon’s first network of marine reserves and marine protected areas to create a legacy of preservation for future generations.

Marine reserves are scientifically proven to help increase fish populations, revitalize marine habitats, and nurture seabirds and other wildlife.
Photo by me, reposted from here; other Oregon Coast photos here and here.

There is only one Oregon Coast in the entire universe, let alone on our home planet. May we never let it slip away.


Aimée said...

For the past couple of years I have made tentative plans to travel the Oregon coast, unfortunately I have yet to follow through on them. I hope to soon. It’s definitely on my list of place to visit.

Dale said...

Aimee, It's not so very different from what you have in BC, but yes, you should definitely make the effort. You'll be glad you did.