Monday, December 29, 2008

Is 'Naive' the Word?

A British man has made a confession of sorts:

Vince Acors, 34, and Michelle Palmer, 36, were arrested on a Dubai beach in July and convicted to three-month jail terms in October on charges of public indecency and for having sex outside marriage. Their jail sentences were suspended on appeal and both returned to the UK last week ... Acors admitted he had been "extremely naive" about Muslim law in the Middle Eastern country.
I question whether "extremely naive" captures it. The man was obviously wrong to suspect that it would remain the 21st century even after he passed into an Islamist-ish jurisdiction.

Sex on a public beach is frowned upon in much of the world, but there in Dubai, under the watchful gaze of all-merciful Allah's lieutenants, he's lucky he and his companion were not hauled into a soccer stadium and pelted to death with rocks. I am guessing here, but perhaps they were only given a few months in jail because the woman was completely covered by cloth, not reading any books, didn't have the keys to the car? Maybe they were facing toward Mecca?

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