Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reader Lament

Sigh. Google Reader has been refurbished and, I am sad to say, not for the better. I have not found a single change that I consider an improvement:

  • It's slower. I can accept slightly slower if it comes with better, but there's no better here.
  • It's even harsher on the eyeballs -- please Mr. Google, permit skins or, better yet, permit open-ended color customization so that we don't have to look at black text on plain white backgrounds so much. You've redone the look of the tool without doing that?
  • There is no longer a refresh button. There is a "refresh" button to refresh the feed you're reading now, but not the entire Google Reader interface. Now you need to remember to click on "subscriptions" to achieve a refresh or re-index of the whole interface. This is needlessly confusing -- the persistence of "refresh" as a functional concept is retained, but not the button.
  • Shittiest of all by a wide mark, it's not registering items as read smoothly or consistently. In my settings, I have a checkmark beside "In expanded view, mark items as read when you scroll past them" and yet I am finding items in the unread queue long after I know I've not only scrolled past them but read them. Dammit.
And yes, I have confirmed all of these flaws on multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE) and on multiple PCs.


Anonymous said...

But it DOES add themes.

Dale said...

Uh, link?

Gmail (google mail) has added some themes, but not reader. Not as far as I can see.

I see a third party that has made a theme for reader, but that looks clunky. And it's just one theme.

blackpearl said...

Where did "Mark all as read" go? Sometimes I am away from my reader for a number of hours and some subscriptions are just not interesting enough to want to read old posts, but I still have to scroll past every post to clear it.

Dale said...

blackpearl, good question. I think you mean the global "mark all as read", rather than the "mark all as read" for the particular feed you're on, which seems to have survived The Changes.

I don't use the global version of "mark all as read" so I don't miss it, but I definitely see your point.

Why take it away? Why, Mr. Google?

blackpearl said...

No, actually I did mean the "mark all as read" for the particular feed I'm on. Am I blind or something?