Saturday, December 20, 2008

Running on Hoth

With temperatures well above 20 Fahrenheit and steady snowfall pressed to the horizontal by a stiff east wind, I can't imagine why I didn't see more people running at the park this morning. They might have seen my cheeks at their absolute reddest, running as though chased by wampas or chasing a tauntaun to cut open for warmth.

Assuming you can avoid falling down, that you have plenty of layers to put on, and that you can keep your feet dry, running on Hoth (or Hoth-like conditions on a planet near you) is not so bad.


Coachhrd said...

I can't understand why I'm not seeing more runners in the stiff -5 degree winds of Iowa this morning!

Dale said...

Coachhrd, are people unaware that you can be common-sensical or you can be a runner but you can't be both? Duh!