Monday, December 8, 2008

Second Childishness and Mere Oblivion

Via Mindhacks, the last of Shakespeare's seven ages of man has a snappy new label:

This week's British Medical Journal has an excellent short article on 'Diogenes syndrome', an unofficial name for the situation where an older person is living in squalor without seeming to have mental or neurological impairments that might explain it, but without seeming to mind either.
So what's the label for it when the person indifferent to squalor is not elderly? I ask this apropos no one in particular.


Mike said...

I know a more-or-less normal man in his 50s who makes decent money - he's an excellent violinist and has been known to spend $1000+ on a bow - yet last I heard lives in a farmhouse with no heat (he uses a portable heater) which results in no indoor plumbing during the winter (he hauls water from a pump elsewhere on the property, and uses an outhouse). His cats sleep on his bed for added warmth and to escape from the rats which are larger than the cats. He occasionally sleeps in his pickup to escape inclement weather since the roof leaks liberally.

As far as I can tell he just doesn't consider living conditions important enough to warrant allocating any more resources. He seems to consider this just the way life is.

Dale said...

Wow, Mike! That's what you call a man of principle.