Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Service on Hoth: Fed Ex and Waste Management

Now that the snow is finally melting away here in Slush-Town, I really hope things get back to normal -- and by "things" I have a very short list of two things in particular:

(1) My wife insists she bought me Christmas gifts and chose -- and paid for!! -- expedited shipping such that the gifts would arrived by 12/23. It's now the evening of 12/28 and we are still awaiting a visit from the Fed Ex delivery truck. Their oh-so-helpful online package tracking service indicates the shipment has been somewhere in Portland since 12/20, but they've not managed to get it here.

I understand the weather and driving conditions have been horrendous, but is Fed Ex really this incapable of dealing with snow and ice? Do they just close shop during the winter months in, say, Canada? I know Fed Ex has big trucks with big tires -- I have seen them with my very eyes. I also note that others have made it to and along my street throughout Portland's 2008 Death Squall, including but not limited to the US Postal Service. They've managed to put mail in my mailbox every business day despite the Death Squall, and they're shiftless government bureaucrats that make Baby Jesus and Republicans cry!
The non-delivery of Xmas gifts is but a trifle set next to this next entry:
(2) The disappearance of Waste Management (WM). We last saw our waste hauler on Friday, 12/19, when they managed to take away the garbage but not the recycling. Now, fully nine days later, the containers are well beyond full and await WM's mercies.
The snow has been a pain in the ass for everyone, adequate proof of which is that my nine-year-old son is glad to see it finally washing away. But come on, Fed Ex and WM, you have big trucks with big tires. Mightn't we expect them rolling up soon?

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