Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Somebody Please Throw a Shoe at America's Next Sack-of-Crap Pastor

Rick Warren, having left a trail of slime on the Obama-McCain race by virtue of the televised forum he held at his mega-church, is doing a marvelous job at developing the sort of hairsplitting casuistry, double standards, and special pleading that make him a worthy replacement for Jerry Falwell:

BELIEFNET- Did you ever talk to President Bush to try to convince him to change his policy [on torture]?

WARREN - No. No.


WARREN -- Never got the chance. I just didn't. In fact, in the first place, I'm a pastor, and people might misunderstand - I don't deal with policy issues with Barack Obama or President Clinton or John McCain. I just don't. that's not my role. My role is to pastor these guys. As a leader I understand stress.

And even when I disagree with positions they hold, they've got plenty of political advisors. They don't need me to be a political advisor. I'm not a pundit. I'm not a politician and that's why I don't take sides. But I am a pastor. And I can deal with "how's your family doing? How's your stress level doing?"

BELIEFNET- But you said you did talk to Barack Obama about his position on abortion so why wouldn't you have talked to Bush about torture?

WARREN - I just didn't have the opportunity. It's actually...[Warren was talking to the Democratic caucus] and Barack actually brought it up [abortion]...
Feel free to re-read that if you must, but rest assured it still won't hang together even after the sixth or seventh pass. Grunting now and then about climate change doesn't make Pastor Rick a departure from the usual run of right-wing power-flattering god-drunk crap-sack.

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