Monday, December 1, 2008

Tolerance and Disgust

I want to ensure the six or seven readers of this blog that I am not an asshole-ish sort of vegetarian. I am the kind of vegetarian who, this past Thanksgiving, actually performed the task of peeling the uneaten turkey meat from the bones and gristle, separating white meat from dark meat, and piling it all in a container. I was neither disgusted nor tempted by the meat I was handling. Here! Visual proof that I am willing to handle turkey flesh:

But my broad-mindedness hardly stops there. I am willing to hold a copy of the Bible in my hand without tearing it up or soiling it:

And same with the Koran -- no dry heaves, nausea, or burning sensation when I pick it up:

Of course I have nothing on the cat --

I draw the line at licking my own butt, let alone in public.


Zennalathas said...

Please tell me you at least washed your hands after handling the books...

Dale said...

Zen, I'm no fool! After handling the "holy" books -- which I made sure to do AFTER handling the meat -- I scrubbed with a pumice stone and then a bleach solution and, finally, an antibacterial hand soap.