Friday, January 23, 2009

Ask a stupid question ...

It looks more and more as though Portland's mayor won't remain in office much longer.

Assuming he does resign -- and I dearly hope he does not -- it reinforces the usefulness of contriving ways to get politicians to answer touchy questions about sex. It remains a manifestly viable tactic, however devious or dishonorable or fucking pointlessly asinine it is.

Even in very liberal Portland, we will see it again and again until enough of us refuse to indulge it. The ticking sound you hear is the countdown to the next empty, cheap, tawdry, easy-bake scandal of this kind.

The answer to an inconsequential, irrelevant, inappropriate question is inconsequential, inappropriate, and irrelevant. Bad questions produce bad answers, whether the answers are true or false.

For whatever it's worth, for me, it's not about Sam Adams in the least. I don't know him personally; I have never spoken with him; I don't think I've even seen him in person. I voted for him in November, but it was a coin-toss between him and Nick Fish, and I would have been content with either.

Sam Adams was not elected to babysit. Mayor is mayor, babysitter is babysitter. It's actually not difficult to tell the difference in these roles and what we legitimately expect of them.

It's hard to improve on this comment by Dan Savage:

And for the "it's the lies!" crowd: There was an anti-Sam-Adams demonstration at City Hall in Portland this morning. The assembled crowd of roughly twenty people was comprised, according to witnesses, almost entirely of Jesus freaks. I'm sure the only problem that Portland's Jesus freak community—or Portland's suburbs' Jesus freak community—has with Adams is that he told a lie. Until Adams was revealed to be a lair—until he confessed that, yes, he had cut down that cherry tree, bent that 18-year-old over it, and fucked the living God out of him—Portland's Jesus freak community was 100% behind the city's openly gay mayor. It was only when Adams' lies were revealed that the scales fell from their eyes and the local Jesus freaks decided they had no choice but to call on Sam Adams to resign.
Tick, tick, tick.

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