Monday, January 26, 2009

City Workers and Mayor Adams

Portland blogger Jack Bog:

[T]oday I'd like to send out my best wishes to the people who work for the City of Portland. I can't imagine what morale must be like in city government right now. Chin up, folks.
Since we're projecting thoughts onto city employees, here goes another: to whatever extent your workplace morale hangs on the sexual purity of elected officials, or depends on the extent to which elected officials have fully disclosed their sexual histories, I can't imagine what you're thinking. Chin up, folks. Raise that chin and take a long hard look at whether the mayor's sex life -- this or any mayor's sex life -- rightly governs your day-to-day work or the mood in which you conduct it.

And as you carry out your work, if a disgruntled citizen broaches the mayor's sex life, I recommend this two-word reply, with or without the customary niceties: move on.

I think it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: had Mayor Adams staked his political appeal on some version of sexual uprightness -- had he campaigned on "traditional family values" or some such -- we would have an issue of hypocrisy. But no, candidate-for-mayor Adams was famous in these terms only for being openly gay. He did not go around prating, as some politicians do, about the evils of "sexual deviancy," nor declaiming against the "threat of gay marriage," as some politicians do, nor any such thing.

Move on.

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